Cards and Proofs

I have whiteback "artist's proof" Magic the Gathering and World of Warcraft cards for sale. Wizards of the Coast and Blizzard print about fifty per release, so when I sell out, I'm out forever, unless they bring back the card in a fresh release.

I autograph every one. You may also be wondering if I will draw on these plain white backs, or alter the fronts. The answer is no. I did so in times past, but after many such scribble I just had to own up that, even though many artists love doodling on request, it's just not the cut of my jib. So, truly sorry, my fine and hungry fellows.

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Here is a complete list of the cards and proofs I have for sale, arranged alphabetically by card name (which may or may not be the title I've given the artwork). This means that it's an exhaustive, up-to-date, unabridged list – it also means that if you don't see it below, I don't have it. Orange type just means there's a picture link.

Unless indicated, card prices are:

 Standard: $5

 Foil: $10

Shipping & handling: $1 shipping for five or fewer cards; $2 shipping for 6 to 18 cards; $3 shipping for 18 to 54 cards. Shipping costs for more than 54 cards or to destinations outside the lower 48 United States are estimated case-by-case.

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Absolute Law

Aerie Mystics

Aerie Mystics - playing cards with standard backs

Angelic Blessing

Angel's Grace – $15

Arcane Denial

Arcane Denial - playing cards with standard backs

Ascendant Evincar – $15

Ashenmoor Liege

Aven Archer

Aviary Mechanic

Aviary Mechanic foil

Benalish Marshal

Benalish Marshal foil


Body Snatcher

Brutalizer Exarch – $10

Bushi Tenderfoot / Kenzo the Hard-Hearted

Cathar's Shield

Cathar's Shield foil

Centaur Healer

Centaur Healer foil

Centaur Veteran


Cloaked Siren

Cloaked Siren foil

Cloud Sprite

Coal Stoker

Coiling Oracle – $10

Coiling Oracle foil – $15


Congregate foil

Consecrated Sphinx – $15

Consecrated Sphinx foil – $30

Cradle Guard

Cultivator's Caravan

Dark Supplicant


Desperate Condemnation (WoW)

Dosan, the Falling Leaf


Druid Lyrist

Elven Palisade

Expose Armor (WoW)

Faithful Squire / Kaiso, Memory of Loyalty

Flamekin Bladewhirl

Fleshbag Marauder

Fleshbag Marauder foil


Fugitive Wizard

Glint-Eye Nephilim

Glistener Elf foil – $20

Goblin Warchief foil proofs – $15

Goblin Warchief - foil playing cards with standard backs – $15

Godhead of Awe – $10

Grand Admiral Daelin Proudmoore (WoW)

Gustcloak Sentinel

Haakon, Stormgald Scourge – $15

Haze of Pollen

Haze of Pollen foil

High Guardian Malosun foil (WoW)

High Guardian Malosun - full art (WoW)

High Priest of Penance

Honor Guard

Hunted Dragon

Hunted Lammasu

Impelled Giant

Innocence Kami




Invigorate foil – $15

Jewelled Torque


Kaiso, Memory of Loyalty / Faithful Squire

Kalnuf Eagleheart (WoW)

Kami of the Honored Dead

Karn, Silver Golem - oversize foil playing cards with standard backs – $30

Kingpin's Pet

Knights of the Black Rose 

Knights of the Black Rose foil – $15

Knight of the White Orchid

Knight of the White Orchid foil – $15

Kenzo the Hardhearted / Bushi Tenderfoot

Korialstrasz (WoW)

Leyline of the Meek

Maralen of the Mornsong – $25

March of the Returned

Mind Spring

Molimo, Maro-Sorceror – $15

Mothrider Samurai

Naar Isle - oversize Planechase playing cards – $10

Naar Isle oversize proofs – $10

Necromaster Dragon

Necromaster Dragon foil

Neurok Transmuter

Noble Heirarch – $50

Noble Heirach foil – $100

Okiba-Gang Shinobi

Oppressive Rays

Oppressive Rays foil

Order of the Golden Cricket


Pacifism foil

Phoenix (WoW)

Planar Collapse – $10

Ponyback Brigade

Pyre Charger

Raesa Morningstar (WoW)

Resounding Silence

Ribbon Snake

Rod of Ruin

Rootborn Defenses

Rootborn Defenses foil

Royal Assassin – $10

Rukh Egg

Satyr Hoplite

Selensnya Guildmage

Selensnya Guildmage - playing cards with standard backs

Serene Master

Shaleskin Bruiser

Signal Pest – $10

Silent Arbiter

Skittering Horror

Sootstoke Kindler

Stave Off

Sunstrike Legionnaire

Sustainer of the Realm

Sustainer of the Realm foil

Sylvanas, Queen of the Forsaken (WoW)

Swamp (Hour of Devastation)

Swamp foil (Hour of Devastation)

Swooping Talon

Synod Artificer

Tangle Hulk

Temur Charger

Tethmos High Priest

Thermal Glider

Thundering Giant

Thundering Giant foil

Titania's Chosen

Treasury Thrull

Tortoise Formation


Triskelavite Token

Utvara Hellkite – $10

Vanguard of Brimaz

Voice of Duty

Vorosh, the Hunter – $20

Vorosh, the Hunter foil – $25

Waveskimmer Aven

Wingmate Roc foil – $20

Wren's Run Packmaster – $10

Zedruu the Greathearted – $30

Zerapa Minotaur

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