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Not all, but perhaps my best. Starting with the "Exodus" card set, I was introduced to worlds of flowstone, mogg warrens, colored mana, and a creepy nine-level world of nested spheres called Phyrexia, ruled in its tiny center by something called Yawgmoth. And since then, to so many other worlds. By the late 90's, Wizards of the Coast had assembled for itself an amazing brain trust which helped launch the fantasy card game phenomenon into the stratosphere. Of late, the CCG industry has had to adjust to many more competitors for the free time of active minds; nevertheless I still happily do Magic cards on an intermittent schedule. Oh, I hear you, my binder-toting completist: Why is this list still not complete? As my wise elfin friend said when I finally buckled the squirming fella down and pressed him for the secret of his treasure: "You know, there's a lotta crap out there."